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Zovirax is issued as soluble tablets and treats antiviral preparations. It applies at fight against the infections caused by a virus of herpes. Zovirax blocks reproduction of viruses of herpes, stopping its distribution on a human body..
*Zovirax is atrademark of GlaxoSmith Kline.

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Some information about Zovirax?


Zovirax (Acyclovir) is accepted for treatment: herpes, chicken poxes, shingles. It also is applied to prevention of viruses at people with risk of a disease of herpes: during the easing of immunity. As in most cases herpes isn't treated till the end and remains in an organism. The patient has a risk of its transition to an active phase at decrease in immunity. Therefore people with risk of a disease need to buy in advance Zovirax to have opportunity to stop disease distribution at the beginning.


The preparation should be accepted carefully to patients at advanced age and with diseases of kidneys. In case of symptoms of an allergy or other side effects it is necessary to stop reception of a preparation and to address to the doctor. Upon Zovirax purchase in online drugstore it is possible to choose both branded and generic pills. All generic medication in our shop genuine.


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